Chimwemwe Tchunguwe

“I started farming in 2006 with very low capital. Back then I was growing only Tobacco and was usually regarded as a mere farmer. Since then, I have experienced and seen a significant change.

Rebecca Namlenga

“I started farming four years ago when my husband passed away. With the support I receive from NASFAM, I have been able to continue growing maize, groundnuts and rice and take care of myself and my nine children.

Abraham Makanandi

“I joined NASFAM in the year 2011 and after one year, I was elected chairman of our Market Action Committee (MAC). I realize that with my farmer to farmer interactions, I am motivated to grow my crops on time.

Aaron Chungwa

“I joined NASFAM in 2006. I am a rice farmer. At first I used to farm recklessly but through my NASFAM membership, I have acquired advice on the correct and proper ways to grow my rice.